My Family

I wish my family was like what the world describes,
Warm, happening, cozy and bright…
Each other’s guidance whenever you require,
Singing together like the magical choir.

Sadly, the words above fade when compared to my life,
As everybody is busy sharpening their knives.
My family hate me, their eyes gaze with ire,
With unknown hatred burning like fire.


Dad is busy with his ‘Still Bachelor Life,’
No time for his children or his so-called wife.
Business and friends- All he’s known for,
He has taken us for granted,  the word “Family” he ignores.

My happiness, success…  My sister envies my smile,
She hates my patience, all my success files.
I love her still she insults me everytime,
Our relationship is not less than a rotten lime.


My mother is confused,  stuck  between us,
Whose hand to hold… Whose  heart to trust.
When provoked she shouts and calls me a ‘nuisance,’
Wishes I was never born,  she yells and abuses.


Still at times we smile, together we laugh,
These moments inside me I save as drafts.
However maybe, but ‘my family’ it is…
Can’t let go of it… Even if it stings.



27 responses to “My Family

  1. I have come to learn that (sometimes) family are just here to bring you into the world. You have the right to create boundaries and choose healthy relationships. Hope this doesn’t sound preachy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. hey buddy…don’t get disheartened…
    you know, what i’ve learnt? Never to give up of people… especially your family. They aren’t just blood relations…
    they’ve been there throughout, they’ve seen you laugh, cry, tumble, run, love, fall, break, live…
    hard times never last longer than where your will and forgiveness begins…
    love them, even if they do nothing to deserve it…
    care for them, even if they take it for granted…
    be there, even if they weren’t…
    give meaning to the definition of family you know and wish to believe in.
    Sometimes, just sometimes, we’ve to cross all the distance… and work and love without being acknowledged.
    sometimes, expectations overwhelm relationships so much, that you cannot continue to believe in them anymore…
    just hang on… take some pains if thats what they offer…
    believe in Family.
    this world cannot afford another lost faith. It’s already crumbling under its own weight…

    things need not be perfect, they need not always work out…
    but they will end, and end only when you give up.
    never ever ever give up.

    and all that is coming from someone who’s own family hangs by threads… i’ve to struggle each day to breathe in this home (if i may call it that)… but i know, i’ll never give up on my family… even if they aren’t together, even if they are divided..
    my maa, my papa.. my sis…
    they need me. and however much they unintentionally hurt me, i know that they need me, and that they were the first people to love me too.

    give time, and it will mend everything.
    take care, and never give up.

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  3. Hugs to you. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sometimes we have to create our own family outside of blood relatives. Love yourself and don’t spend time with those who only hurt you. You are a lovely writer! Don’t forget the words you wrote in another post….”Let your success be your reaction to it!”

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  4. What a tragically beautiful poem! Wish you receive all the love and adulation you deserve and things take a turn for the better. This is a special poem. Great job, and good luck. Fingers crossed!

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  5. Firstly, family is more than blood. It’s the wonderful people you find who support and love you without the bonds of blood. You have a family of friends here. Next, I wish I would wash away the pain you’re feeling, I’m a mother with a family who are held together by acceptance of each other and it’s my duty, I believe, to hold them to a higher standard of love for each other. I try to enforce that every day. I wish I could give you the hug and acceptance you need. Next, I love the poem and the visual images, they made me cry. A great posting, and I hope to read more soon.

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