My Papa be the best!

My age he never counts,  I am still his Lilliput!
Hurt me oh bitchy world and he is ready with his gun to shoot.
He still hides behind the curtains to surprise his little girl,
He is the strong Armour protecting my skull.
He has been the first man to kiss my cheeks,
The only man who didn’t let me freak.
He has been my umbrella in every rain,
Wiping my tears when I sobbed in pain.


During nights so cold when I fell asleep while studying,
He brought me cappuccino and cookies to wake me up in a bling.
He would sit on the couch accompanying me,
Talking to boost me up or cracking jokes maybe.

He understood me well when I couldn’t find words to explain,
To bring out the best of me…
He guided my heart… My soul… My brain.
He moulded me into a better human being,
Blossomed me so I never stink.
He is my superdad and my legend to follow,
He carries crayon with him to colour my hollows.
He is my Papa…  And I love him the most,
‘God bless my hero’ I pray and raise my toast.



13 responses to “My Papa be the best!

  1. Absolutely beautiful Tanushree! Happy Fathers Day, May the love between rise up higher and alst for eternity between you and daddy πŸ™‚ – Cezane

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