Let’s walk. Cover miles.

Forget the catastrophe you been through,
Forget the itchy dirt that blew.
Forget the tears that took away your sleep,
Forget the ones who let you drown deep.
Forget the sights that made you mumble,
Forget those words that pushed you to tumble.
Forget the hopes that were born out of lies,
Forget the dreams that left you on the cold ground to cry.
Forget the past
And the thoughts of future,
Forget the love that tasted bitter.
Forget the hugs that choked your soul,
Forget the flashbacks that let the tears roll.

Forget it all and live the present…
Discard the worries and be your own legend.
Burn those memories, let the ashes travel the Nile.
Let’s start walking. Cover miles and miles.


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