Fusion Beats Collabs with The Strix

Blue. Orange. Purple. Red. Yellow. It all went so well together, I thought. It really did look like the sunset. With one last stroke of my pencil, I smiled and got off the floor. I was careful not to step on the colored pencils that were scattered around where I had been working for the past 20 minutes. Excited to show my masterpiece to father, I hurried to the living room, nearly tripping over my own feet.

“Dad!” I called when I saw him pacing the room. “Dad look what I drew,” running up to him, I held up the paper so he could see. Only, he didn’t.


“Yes, it’s nice son,” he turned around, holding a phone to his ear.

“But you didn’t even look,”

In a few seconds he spoke to someone on the other end. I reached out my free hand and tugged on his trousers, so he would notice. But all he did was enter another room and shut the door behind him.


My voice went unheard,
Daddy gave not a stare.
Not a look at me or my love for him,
Not a glance or word of concern or care.
I still nagged with filled in hope that he would listen,
But like a wizard he vanished himself.
I searched and peeped through every hole,
Until my little feet could go no more.
I sobbed and sobbed till my eyes got sore,
I dozed off with tears while loneliness roared.
The sun rolled down and stars appeared,
But neither mumma nor daddy, none came near.


The bed creaked under my weight but I didn’t care, this was fun! I jumped higher, almost reaching the ceiling, with a huge smile plastered on my face.

“Mum! Look at me, I’m flying!” I shouted to my mother, who seemed busy cleaning the room.


I jumped with more force, flailing my arms so she would notice. But she didn’t. In an instant, the smile was wiped off my face as pain shot through my leg. I slumped on the bed with a cry. That’s when mother came running, her face red with anger.

“How many times have I told you not do that?!” She yelled. “See what you’ve done now, that’ll teach you a lesson!”

She continued shouting at me as she yanked my hand away from my leg to examine it. Her grip was tight on my arm but I stayed quiet, or else it would upset her more. Silent tears pooled in my eyes then fell down my cheek. Maybe it was from pain, or maybe it was because she was still yelling.

‘Mumma?’  I called her,
‘Mumma See! ‘ I shouted,
Some unknown Mist kept her away at first…..
But finally her beautiful green eyes met mine.
She would giggle i assumed and then hug me tight,
She would glitter over me her honey like love And then we would have an amazing pillow fight!
But instead her eyes stinged!
Pain flickered through my bones…
Was the pain physical? I examined,
But no, it was somewhere deep inside my cage like bones.
Injected with anguishness she spewed upon me.
I fell hard on the bed, stone hard it seemed.

The tiled floor was brown with mud. A trail of it led to my room, where I was removing the stained clothes and listening in to my parents’ conversation in the next room.

“I think it will do us all good if we agree to it,” I heard mother speak.

Was it all because I played in the mud and got my clothes dirty? I wasn’t going to do it again, I already told them.

“I think you’re right. Maybe he will learn a few good things from the kids there, too,” father agreed.

But I didn’t want to go. How did it do any good to me? I sank down to the floor, hugging my knees to my chest. I just wanted them to notice me, even once.

“Right then, I will arrange for a day care to take him in,”


Some years hence….. “A message”
And so he spent the days at day care away from home, away from his mother’s bittersweet scolding, his life void of love and care from family. He had been craving for that appreciation from his father, whom he wanted to make proud. Now, the love was drained out of him. The gratefulness left his soul.  He was now a reflection of lost childhood, hard hearted and careless parents. He cared no more for them and did not find any meaning in the parent-child relationship. He was ignorant towards their problems and concerns. He found the love and happiness with his friends. He preferred being alone if and when at home, barely interacting.
It was evident that the connection, the tie between parent and the child had been cut off with that stinging look from the mother and the snapping attitude of the father. Karma striked back at the parents when they lost their only support in old age. The child was now least loving, and considered their old age as a burden, like his childhood seemed to be one for them. He was already planning to get married and move out, maybe have them in an old age home.
A family is complete with kids. A family is something to wait for after a tiring day. Kids are the most loving and tender part of this family. They are the crucial piece of the one heart where you call it home! The most delicate part of a human life is the young age, where in you are instilled with traditions, values and love. You get the love and you give it back. The trade is both ways. Parents are the only thing a child looks up to when young. The child should be mannered in a way that he is able to beat the obstacles of life and also be a good human in the process. I wonder if parents today, care for their kids as they did long back. Is that value lost in the parent-generation? Or are the so called ungrateful children to be blamed always?

Nature has a way of getting back to us even without us knowing, the bond between a parent and the child is indeed one of a kind and acts that lie in between will forever be accounted for at one time or another.

If you fail to give attention to your kids as a parent whilst they’re young… In the coming future they will be ignorant too to your calls. I.e. Their minds failing to light up when they see your calls on their phones perhaps ignoring it too.
Hence turn your attention to your children every second they crave for it, nothing can be more important than them.

If you turn out to be that parent who yells and scolds, acts of which begin decay of love from within their hearts then perhaps you may thank them in the near future for the never ending hate they have towards you as they ponder and question on how to stop that feeling towards you.
Hence join the playful child on his naughty ventures then explain and help their new minds understand the importance of the act they do peacefully and with love.

If you find a nanny or send the child to a day care giving away your responsibility as a parent towards them. Then in the future they will be more than willing to share their responsibility as a child to you for you may seem a burden.
Parenting will never be easy, it is always wise to prepare yourself before you involve into it.

Poems by Tanushree from Fusion Beats
Message by KashafS from The Strix (https://awordwarriorsblog.wordpress.com/the-strix/)
Tale and Morale by Cezane from The Strix (https://psychedelicbay.wordpress.com/category/the-strix/)
Picture courtesy: Google Images.



                 Expression Crossing Continents                                         Scribbling the words floating in front.
             Represented by Cezane and KashafS                                              Tanushree Karmakar  


15 responses to “Fusion Beats Collabs with The Strix

  1. Okay! This is special. A darn good work of collaboration you guys have created. The poem, the story and the moral were all great. Looking forward to more of the same dose.
    God bless. 🙂

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