The Other Side Of My Native Land

India is a country where every culture is embraced with love,
Where festivals never end and lights never put off.
It got new excitement to discover at it’s every corner,
Candles and incense sticks burning for more longer.
But today I am not in the mood to write about it’s whites,
The black side of it I shall talk about,
That face of it that has left me traumatized.

A country with corruption rising along the population bar
Where GDP is good enough but somehow the people starve.
Where truth is worshipped ,
But Variation in lies are practised.
Where rapists are released,
But homosexuals (LOVE) accused!

Freedom to expression-
India  stands proud with it’s  flag..
But it forgets that love is an expression too!
And we find lgbt fighting for it’s natural right.
Love for the same sex is being demarcated…
And the focus on the Needs forgotten.
Where suppressed are the good bones
Dirty politics overpowering the brains.

Haha… a great country my India is…
With so much negative to jot down than the little good at it’s core.
Where money can be passed under the table,
But lovers cannot unite behind the door.
Where dear uncles offering candies are more dangerous than the suspected youths,
Where show off is more in trend than the truth.

In India we find the generation disbalanced..
Millions of people…
All running after a single prize.
Unable to scale the better,
Stupidity and cleverness are served together.
Here ‘no strings attached’ work better than relationships,
Here enemy comes in  “two in one” pack of friendship.
Here butt and boobs are more noticed than smiles,
Here decency is mistaken and wrongs do shine.
Here men in shorts are not being bothered about,
But a girl with open skin is being tagged a pros.
Here inhuman males greet you with cheap songs and stares,
Touch you, tease you and spew out dirty flares.
Returning home is just like the highest level of candy crush challenge,
Fight for the right and with acid you will be drenched.
Engrossed in feminism we forget the definition humanity,
Camouflaged are the people,
Smile- Just a formality.

The English practised here includes dude, fuck, and sex…
Words like thank you, excuse me, and respect comes next.
People stamped general are more deprived than the scheduled caste tribes and OBCs,
Education is available but higher are the fees.
A free country it is but people remain chained,
Unseen differences growling untamed.
I am not saying that my country is bad…
Others maybe better or their condition more sad.
I am well aware of the world politics and news,
Far better is my land with goodness diffused.
I am not comparing, complaining  or differenting my native land,
But things need to be sorted and the dirt need to be fanned.



31 responses to “The Other Side Of My Native Land

  1. These lines do justice to the present scenario in our country! The country once known for it’s richness in culture and heritage has fallen prey to the clutches of the evil minds of it’s very own countrymen.
    It’s sad but true, a harsh reality that we have now come to accept. 😦
    Great read Tanushree. As usual you have conveyed a crucial message so well. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is awesome..we the youth can only change this negative facts of our country into positive one but no one bothers much as there come’s difficulties,problems.we just say”jaane de yaar kaha tension leta hai faaltu mein” & move on..
    This type of behaviour does not change anything,i am not saying that we do not have peoples who wants to do something more for one’s country but we need more people like them
    Thank u for writing such great post….

    Liked by 1 person

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