Time cannot be ribboned and gifted,
Time cannot be stopped or shifted.
Once lost you will never get it back again,
Cherish your moments –
So not a day is spent in vain.

Adore your family, share your time with them,
Cause Fate is vile with destructive and ugly aims.
Within a single drop of your eyelid time will come to an end,
No more moments of goodbye…
Not a single minute in rent.


Time is a gift…
More precious than any seen unseen treasure,
If valued and shared it’s a priceless pleasure.
Avoid battles with the clock and respect it rather,
Cause once your time’s up-
Your pleads and tears won’t be bothered.

Time and again it’s a request to all,
Live life and dream, let it be your call.
Don’t miss a day to be happy,
To love and to be loved…
Let your feelings blossom and emotions erupt.


21 responses to “Time

  1. I really loved this piece of poetry. It has to be my favorite read of the week! It got me to think of new perspective on past present and future pertaining to my life! Nice one Tanushree.
    I also had a look at other of your recent posts, quite in deep awe of your talent! You truly have a gift in this art of writing. And i’d like to have a word with you about your blog dear, Can’t find your about page, do you have a facebook page, email dear friend ? – Cezane πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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