Wedding glitters

Wish u both a happy married life my favourites!

Get dressed for honeymoon
And break as many beds.
Make babies, get dogs,
And grow old into a family perfectly framed.

Fight like the monsters,
And relish life like Mr. Grey…
Fuck like the pornstars,
And be the best couple goal till date!

Go for exotic vacations…
Get blended for the best.
Laugh till your cheeks glow red,
And keep the holy promises both made.

Eat and watch TV together,
Get dressed and compliment each other.
Smile and click memories all day long,
Be a family: Woven neat and strong.

Smell roses and eat chocolate,
Be merry all the way…
With blessings and sunshine,
I wish u both a happy married life again!



19 thoughts on “Wedding glitters

      1. Well!! I really love this poem…. the way U have expressed Ur views….the shifting point of views…. the flow so smooth as it was prior to be shifted. That was amazing! In short I liked the content as well really touchy… You did an amazing job Moleee😜! I guess U know why I’m calling U Moleee hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

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