Change of ties

I miss the view of my bedroom window,
I miss my dog running to and fro.
I miss those treats with mom and di,
I miss those family days of Glee.

Wearing the old coat and buying the new book-
Now all I care is of my look…
Recharging my number to talk to him,
No time for them,
Just him and him.

My mom’s gloomy face haunts me bad-
Everytime I laugh at his pranks…
With hope in eyes she smiles at me,
But ignoring her innocence I run to him.

My dad’s shoulder calls me back-
Wanting me to spend time with him…
Tattle with him,
Laugh with him,
Nag him for an chocolate ice cream.

While my sister longs for those shopping sessions together,
I am busy creating heaps of lies.
While I laugh and giggle and make love to him,
They long for those faded family scenes.


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