Call me Grey

I have been in the whitest white.
I have been in the blackest black.
I have been in their every shade-
Brightest lightest neutral and fade.
But no colour could suffuse in,
Blend in with my halos and sins.
I was colourless – I thought,
Until the colours again I sort.
I found a weird colour painted on my skin,
I rubbed but It had perfectly blend in.
I saw my faded reflection in the mirror,
My heart and soul was coloured in it’s thick layer.
Defining my every laughter and scar,
My pain, my fear, my success and car.
It’s classy and bitchy,
It’sΒ  soothing and itchy.
It’s an versatile expression.
A modern and fine conception.
Its unusual,
Quite a mystery.
Loud but deaf,
Pulling me out of my grave.
I am completely baptised in the shade of Grey,
I am in love with its every array.Β 
U can call me Grey…
For it’s My Colour Now.
Living wild and free,
No shitty humans allowed.
I am riding fast without fear,
Breathing in and breathing out.
Emotionless and unattached,
I am the dead silence screaming out loud.
I am Grey… in every dimension and time,
A new substance with all my elements refined.



12 responses to “Call me Grey

  1. Shades of grey is where we stay when out of order. Don’t you think?
    Your poem is intense! Finding oneself is like finding needle in a haystack. It’s tiring and time consuming, but spending time to achieve the same is actually a great way to spend time and the biggest achievement of life and.. until then Shades of grey is the place!

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