The Spouse Of Light

Embrace darkness,
For in the dark lies your fears and strength.
To unleash your real shade of hue-
Have courage to confront the dark side of you.

Without the dark no light can be seen,
Without tears and pain no peace you shall feel.
Black shows the side that you try to push away,
It gifts you some time alone to realise deep Greys.

The realisation brings along a new wave,
Confidence to stand up to light
And to find pathways out of the cave.
Darkness is nothing but the spouse of light,
Just darker,Β  holding in the elements you hide.

Darkness enriches you,
No negativity it resembles.
The witching hour is the other side of day…
It’s just our opinion that kills the grace.
Why do some hold the belief
That what’s dark is evil?
Without understanding the balance can u fight the upheaval??
Why is positivity always considered to be white?
Without the dark can you recognize light??



18 responses to “The Spouse Of Light

  1. Someday you’ll understand with broader vision and thinking why I emphasize on positivity so much. Dark is not evil but evil is dark. When I object, it’s for constant whining about negatives, as you write what you think all the time. My last night’s blog wasn’t intended for you at all. Off late I haven’t seen any negativity in your poems as before.


  2. the most powerful poems reflect the best of a writer…
    and today, my friend, you’ve shown how the same girl can write about sunflowers and darkness with same passion.
    may wordsworth bless your soul for this beautiful piece. πŸ™‚

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