Exam fever

With a nice movie to calm me,
A cup of aromatic tea to soothe me,
A bowl of chilli popcorn to spice me up,
I am ready to study all night long.

After refueling I switch off the TV,
Munching the popcorn I revise the theories.
I read every lesson that I suck at,
Sipping in the tea I try to study the facts.

After a while again I take a break,
I reply my whatsapp friends
Or play any of the games.
I walk to the window
To relish the night sky,
And when done
I return to the books I left behind.

And this is how the night rolls by,
Stronger my brain feels with every try.
Once all revised I close my eyes,
And sleep to fuel up for the morning fight.



40 responses to “Exam fever

  1. Ah exams!!! Been a while since I did all that (just over a year) but I still do remember those sleepless nights and the fights against the will to just cuddle up and sleep!
    I hope your exams pass by in a jiffy so you can start enjoying yourself again ๐Ÿ™‚

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