I will miss you Mickey

Your lips and your eyes ,
Your laughter and your smile.
Your sarcasm and your thoughts,
You are innocent and hot.
You are the cutest I know,
Your personality with a glow.
Your playlist be the best,
Mysterious your interests.

I will miss you Mickey,
I will miss the conversations we had…
The  laughter and fun we shared,
The way you happened to care.

The sight of you sitting beside,
The  green around us and the drowsy sunlight…
Observing your every action and smile,
I have kept all the moments safe in my file.

You are my best weedie company,
My forgetful tallllll Mickey!
The best listener to my mind,
The best part of humankind.

I will miss the places we have been…
I will miss the baked scenes.
I will miss the “football on your nose.”
I will miss you my winter rose.

I will miss your advices,
I will miss your thoughts so silly…
I will miss the friendship we shared,
I will miss you terribly my Mickey.



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