Demon within

The demon residing in me felt human when kissed by love,
It unchained itself and fell in humanly love.
The dark blood was changing colour,
The silence was turning into beats.
The frown was turning into smile,
The lost dreams revealed.
The demon was quieter and tamed,
Lovestruck, it was enjoying the rain.
The demon was harmless,
Chanted love and it’s rhymes.
It could feel the warm breaths,
It was turning human with time.
But the blessing didn’t last long,
Love turned into silent mourns.
Heart break was the situation
The demon had been through already..
The reason why it had turned into a demon.
It listened to love and embraced it,
But it was left alone again, though it was not its fault.
Unprepared and unarmored,
A battle it fought,
A battle with tears and prayers unheard.
Hopes were burnt and the fight was lost,
The blood turned darker and the beats had stopped.
The past haunted and immense pain it felt,
With dark inhuman eyes it was a demon again.



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