The investment of patience!

Don’t let your patience turn you into a patient.
Know the right place and then invest it.


25 thoughts on “The investment of patience!

  1. Where do you suggest is a good place to invest? Western nations are heavily indebted with massive unfunded liabilities. Stock markets are over priced, currencies are on the verge of hyper inflation.

    The question is now – protection. Not how do I grow my savings, but how do I store them as to lose as little as possible over the next 10 years.


    1. Yeah but patience need to be invested in the right place. If we keep holding on to something that can never be ours or can be done and keep patience for it, then It will be our loss. We need to weigh things that are best for us and go for it.

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      1. You’re very very talented Tanushree. I want your energy to be utilised in the right place so I keep nagging about positivity and negativity. None of your poems is below par, even the ones I haven’t liked or placed a comment. Hope you understand. Stay blessed 😊😇

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