And I have come a half way long…

And I have come a half way long,
Crossing every wobbly bridge…
Passing every rumbustious storm.
‘My destined path’ I accepted it to be,
With success guaranteed-
My dream destination awaiting me.

A wonderland that I always longed for,
Drawn with everything beautiful I wanted in it to be.
The picture perfect lifestyle I wanted to lead,
With the best ride: The most expensive one indeed.

A new realisation hit me…
As I reached the dreamt suburb.
A new dream bubble forming in my mind,
To do what I love to…  To be one of a kind.
To no more run after success,
But to let what I love doing shine bright.
To revive the part of me with which I am blessed,
That for the time being because of the journey had dried.

But i have come a half way long…
What if going all way back to the beginning is wrong?
It’s never too late I know,
But the critical comments of the people-
Will I be able to endure?

Ah!  A grave situation it is…
What should I do? Which way should I go?
And here I am!  Settled in the middle of the path,
With an impossible dream in my mind and a trodden heart.


11 responses to “And I have come a half way long…

  1. Tanu!
    Let me call you so, I hope you understand as you are also from India; since addressing so is near to the heart and expresses more of love.
    I read your About where in there is no like or comment page, so after reading this post also, I herewith comment.
    See, My Dear!
    Everyone passes this phase of life and some are still there yet to find the path you have shown to go through the directions. As time passes by you shall know it, which way to choose and all these things will fall down like a curtain. Hope and keeping good company of friends and elders shall work. Pray for inspiration and you shall get it. I am sure it shall drop from the sky, you may tell me when it does. Right now it is, maybe through me. Be sure I am not raising my collar.
    Why the hell do you feel you are a cursed Soul.
    I am not authorized to order but I sincerely advise you to remove that feeling from your Head.
    It shall hinder your progress.
    Cursed are those who curse.
    You are such a loved One.
    LOve to YOU,

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