Recent Report On Homo Sapiens

An alien was sent to Earth for a new report to be prepared on human behaviour.

After months of analysis a report was written and submitted.

When asked by the Head to brief it,
the Alien stated:

Sir, Humans on Earth are sustaining on lies. Every homo sapien by some or the other way are liars and are pretending to be someone they are not. The real personality stays locked in and the exterior is adorned with false hopes and untruth. Survival strategies are lethal and homo sapiens have been witnessed to go to any extent to live up to their greed.”


“Sir, the atmosphere on Earth is toxic and so have become the humans. Sir we are more safe here. I suggest you summon our fellow mates back here. We might be powerful and lethal but we have dignity at least, and staying with them might alter our elements… Though we know it’s kind of impossible but humans Sir, they have become aggressive and demons inside. The humans are no longer HUMANS.”



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