A Poem for The Lazy Mickey I know!

I always compare him to the blowing breeze,

Cause staying at one place for him is a disease.

He is a lazy ass and sleeps round the clock,

Out of nowhere he appears and on my door he knocks.

He keeps no contact all year long,

But displays himself in time to prove the thoughts wrong.

He is the beautiful angel I always talk about,

The only being about I have no doubt.

He is true at heart with a clean serene soul,

To be with him is an absolute goal!

He is smart and acknowledged with every school of thought,

But he thinks himself to be nothing but a rock.

A stoner is he, that too a dedicated one,

Life is easy for him with a burning blunt.

We don’t meet so often,

But I admire him the most.

I wish I was a parasite

And he my only host.

But he keeps away from all,

Lives alone and attends no call.

He got his own people and world…

A world where I don’t belong.

But he will always remember me I guess,

Cause until now he didn’t forget.

Even if he telephones me after ages so long,

I will still welcome him with his favorite happy song.

For I know him well and his forgetful mind,

He is ET i suppose… Cause I never met another of his kind.

I don’t know why…

But I accept him the way he is,

I find him flawless or maybe I overlook the flaws in him.

He is dream come true for the one who knows how priceless is he,

He is the only “Human” I know on this planet and my ultimate source of Glee.



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