I am a Writer I believe.

My brain is a wild forest of imagination.
I am a Predator at times,
Or a terrorist,
Or a wizard maybe!
I play different characters in my mind,
I scribble down the thoughts I find.
I am an astronaut lost in space,
I am a diamond without its glaze.
I am meadow without the grass,
I am a firecracker waiting to blast.
I am a killer running away,
I am a victim of disgrace.
I am a warrior fighting a war,
I am a billionaire with my supercar.
I am a lonely soul lamenting on death,
I am a dying patient begging for breaths.
I am a widow with cravings covered in white,
I am wingless bird waiting for my flight.
I am a lover singing songs,
I am a stoner hitting bongs.
I am an alien dropped on Earth,
I am a soul running from rebirth,
I am so many things all at once,
I think scribble smoke sleep and reverse.
I am not just me,
I am a lot more than I can be.
With a joint to smoke and thoughts to provoke,
I am a Writer I believe.



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