Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

He loves you,
Cooks up promises to you,
And then suddenly moves out of your life.
You restlessly cry for him,
But he behaves as if nothing happened at all.
Nothing compared to what he calls love,
Nothing compared to what according him should had been done.

You try to conserve your love,
But the more you try,  the more he endangers it.
You cry, beg, try to make him believe your love,
But No…
He no more cares for the fragile heart of yours.
And thus he breaks it into millions of fragments… 
All your memories and your love apart.
You still try to speak to his friends,
Trying to somehow bring him back to you,
But all in vain…
Because he no more cares for you.

The love story had a beautiful and romantic start,
You felt like an enchanted princess…
With no one in the story, just the prince and you.
Flowers blossoming all around you,
Colourful butterflies surrounding you.

You longed for nothing –
Except for the love to increase in your life.
You dreamt of nothing –
But only of your beloved, the superhero of your life.
Life was like the golden lyre,
Melodious perfect and refined.
No stress…  No haphazard race in it,
Just love and lust…  Truly divine.

But the thoughts of the beautiful start disappears when compared to the tragic ending…
The Ending that parted two souls,
The Ending that left you to rot alone.



38 responses to “Beautiful Tragic Love Affair

  1. most of love affairs are ending up in this beautiful tragedy,,, !! sometimes its ‘He’ and sometimes ‘She’ who bring this tragic moments..

    and beautifully you described the all scenario,,, purely awesome !

    Liked by 2 people

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