Every hour I am struggling…
Struggling to act normal.
To smile when I don’t wish to,
To defend when I am all broken inside.
I don’t want to get up from the corner where I lay,
I am okay here,  I need no ray.
Some alone time is all I need for myself,
No consolation,  no conversation, I need no help.
Don’t worry,  I won’t be lost to depression,
I want to remain marooned,  no light,  no attention.
Solitude is the drug I shall consume for now,
Some alone time to think,  to spring up strong.
And slowly I shall breath,  reborn from the left out ashes of me,
I shall fight to stand up to the voices I hear, to breath in the air,  to again feel free.



19 responses to “Rejuvenation

  1. Rejuvenation or reincarnation? Wonderful poem Tanu, though it comes from a dark place, it’s the hope that it brings which makes it a more lovely poem in the end! Cheers πŸ‘β˜Ί

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  2. I actually stopped my all work just to read the whole thing when i saw first two lines. It was beautiful and reality of every girl been in a tough times. I am one of them. Thanks a lot for sharing this is really pure.

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