Tissues and tears

Winged eyes – Check!
Lipstick – Check!
Hairdo – Check!
Atire –  Sexy! Check!
Handbag with all its belongings – Check!

I retraced myself in the mirror. 
I was ready for today.
I smiled to my reflection.
As I turned on my heels to head out for work
I heard a noise.
I looked around the room.
It was my Tissue box and it was laughing.
“What?” I snapped at it.
“Babe you forgot me!” It said.
“I don’t need you.” I stated.
It laughed out loud. “Shall I roll over the floor laughing?  Cause you said the same yesterday and the day before yesterday and the saga continues!”
“Not today.” I said in a more confident tone.
“Trust me you do. Put me in your bag now.” It demanded.
I gazed at it. It gazed back.

The bag felt heavier with it.

Another lunch break was spent alone inside the washroom with the tissues.
Yet Again.



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