Welcome to the next level!

Hey survivor!
Yeah it’s you I am talking to,
Congrats! You have reached the next level dude.
You have spent nights crying over your broken heart,
Days of agony you have faced,  witnessed your world being torn apart.
But yes…  You have lived through it all,
You have walked alone and survived the fall.
You realised life goes on,
And with every tear a new ‘You’ is born.
You have prayed God and cursed him too,
Life seemed pitch black, already doomed.
But with time you grew…
You knocked down every thought that hurt you.
You kept the memories locked deep down,
With a strong new personality you hit the town.
Your laughter slapped the intruders right on their face,
With your middle finger pointed towards them you turned up the bass.
You drank and smoke…  Did all that you ever wanted,
Kicked the fucking assholes out of your life who took you for granted.

Congratulations again because you have survived the fall,
Cheers to your victory,  you  have grown up tall!
But keep your guns loaded, for the next level game is on,
Believe in yourself and fight your own war!



10 responses to “Welcome to the next level!

  1. Nice gutsy inspirational post, Loved it ! Also reminded me of this SRK quote from his speech on “Success” at AIMA where he said, “If at first you don’t succeed…reload and try again. Shoot fast… Shoot first and be ready to take a bullet too.”

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