Beautiful lost days

Gone are the days…

Gone are the days when we couldn’t do without seeing one another.
When nothing seemed right without hearing each other.
When everyday was like Valentine’s Day for us…
Not a day to mourn- Just love and lust.

But those days are gone now…

Time has changed,  though I am still me,
But you are no more the person you used to be.
The lush of love is missing in us,
You lied to me,  you broke my trust.

Still I miss your love, those beautiful lost days…
The person u used to be- For him I pray.



13 responses to “Beautiful lost days

      • The beauty of your poems is that they’re cursed by a cursed soul, which in a (-)*(-) = + way makes them blessed, vibrant and pure.
        Plus the fact that they are original. My poem’s second line was a lift-off from Game of Thrones’ “Rains of Castamere.” Try Googling it.

        Hence proved!!

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      • Like the Gods use Brahmastra in mythology, you have used the admiration and inspiration arrow to disarm me. Can’t think of anything to counter that. Nevertheless, the persistent bug that I am, I’ll still think of something.
        First up, thank you. *really*.
        Next, did you happen to google that poem/song I told you to in the earlier comment?
        Third, your poems are straight from the heart. Isn’t that what pure writing is all about? Take away the exotic words and the scintillating grammar and writing at its core is all about putting into words what we have in mind/heart (remember the comment thread yesterday?). And you do that, wonderfully well.
        Bonus query – When are you diversifying into prose and other categories? Been quite a few days since that suggestion went out.

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