Sickening thoughts coughing out!

As I lay sick coughing and sweating in fever and cold…
I wonder why am I still thinking of him.
HeΒ  didn’t stay for me,
He did not redeem his judgement,
He isn’t here right now to pull me out of the bed and help me recover,
He isn’t even bothered to text me to know how I am!
He isn’t here but I am still stuck with his thoughts.
Wow! One heck of a person I am! πŸ˜‘



30 responses to “Sickening thoughts coughing out!

  1. Ajeeb dastur hai duniya ka,
    Mai apni barbaadiyan likhta hu or log Waah Waah karte hain..

    If you didn’t understand it then let me know cuz this one describes your poem well.. But it was true and heartbreaking…

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