The Incomplete Three

He missed her,
And I missed him.
He slept in tears…
He wished for her dreams.

Under the full moon I lingered awake,
I stayed up all night in fear.
In fear of the choking nightmares I see,
The nightmares of him leaving me.

Tormented I feel,
His memories bewitching my smile.
Time and tide: all against me,
While he keeps himself busy with his works and deals.

He misses her,
And I miss him.
And that’s the difference left in us…
All our love incomplete in three.



16 responses to “The Incomplete Three

  1. There was turmoil in her mind filled with fears,
    Her tired sore eyes always filled with tears,
    But she loved him and he loved someone else,

    They were thus called the incomplete three,
    But she struggled she fought until she was free,
    But she loved him and he loved someone else,

    Thus time went by and the seasons all four,
    Her life had changed and she cried no more,
    But he loved her and she loved someone else……..

    Sorry but couldn’t resist writing some lines just for you !
    Such a lovely poem, quite emotionally stirring I must say,
    the only compliments I could come up with was more poetry !
    – Cheers, Advaita


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