Monsters of lust

In dark or in light,  flowers are crushed…
Trodden and extracted by the monsters of lust.
No gratitude, no humanity for the flowers so little,
What makes them so vile?  It’s still a riddle.

Innocent flowers… So easily they trust,
Get trapped among them,  chastened with thrust.
The fiery black hands block their painful screams,
Quietly exploiting and tearing the delicate seam.

The black masked monsters blows off the candle,
The pained soul shivering,  carving for a cradle.
But  no one responds to the burnt-shattered cries,
Laying there on the cold ground, her dreams and hopes die.

Like a glimmer appears the angel of death by her side,
Caressing her wounds,  mourning on her stolen pride.
On observing the inhuman practises on earth-
Decides the Angel of Death…
Death promises to take her to a safe place and painlessly takes away her breath.



34 responses to “Monsters of lust

  1. These wretched monsters of lust, turning pretty flowers to dust !

    Damn, what a powerful poem ! Blown away by the truth and honest portrayal of reality.
    Death seems like a friend to the victims and that is the sad truth, isn’t it ?
    If only only instead of death, humans realize they have the power to do more,
    not wait until it’s too late, and not leave it upto fate 😦

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    • That’s the whole idea of it.
      People are becoming more inhuman and selfish. And death not a part of the human race was stunned to see the evil practises on earth. No one consoled her, no one brought her help or any cover. Death mourned for her and promised her to take to a safe place. Death projects no power on the surface of earth and thus takes her away along to a place when death can keep an eye her, protect her.

      Death is not a villain. U need to understand that.

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