The poisonous dart of friendship

She felt smacked down,
Humiliated and spewed upon…
As her trust was crushed,
Her soul sister…  Her best friend lost.
They had that pinky swear made,
No lies, no argument, no grudges to be kept.
But she and the secret society had a report on her,
She was made a cretin ugly shit – a pun line,  a blur.
Her height and her face,  her “Size” talked about,
Laughed at – Her existence for them a doubt.
But what hurted her the most was the involvement of her soul sister…
The one to whom the dark doors of her life was open… 
The one who knew it where all the secrets remained hidden.

The truth brought along a destructive tremor,
And with trembling steps she stood by the mirror.
She gazed at her ugly self,  her reflection full of flaws,
Wondering how to mend herself…
How to adorn the ugly reflection that in the mirror she saw.


7 responses to “The poisonous dart of friendship

  1. Been looking for your about section in your blog, idk why couldn’t find it. But here’s what i wanted to sey, your blog is so differently set out, a stand out from many that i have visited! I see that it is also driven by one talented writer, naturally talented. I am staying tuned to see more of your posts! Cheers! – Cezane
    P.S. Brilliant post.

    Liked by 1 person

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