I needed a break… Something to perk me up…
Or maybe some good time alone was all I had been asking for.
I locked my room and walked out…
Brought Ticket for a Marvel’s movie without any doubt.
They have always been my favourite… Tony Stark and his cars,
Oops!ย  Okay I love all of them equally but Visionย ย  be my star.
I watched it alone as I wanted to enjoy it all by myself… With no voice no noise no muttering in between,
To no face similar I wanted to be seen.ย 
Accompanied by cheese popcorn and coke…i shared the wow moments with myself,
After days of agony… True and complete bliss I felt.
The weather was equally enticing, dark clouds towering, cool breeze on its way,
With my favourite thunderstorm on play, I chose to walk back home today.
Nature poured down on me… Washing away my pains,
Baptising me with a new skin, the rotten one melting down in rain.
I dried myself and made a strong cup of coffee to warm me,
With some delicious Oreos along I sipped in the goodness of it.
I watched my favourite movies and at night ate my favourite dish..
In the past few days I had done all that I had in my ‘Things to do list’.
Old times flashbacked while the cool breeze peeped in through the windows…
After a yummy brownie dessert treat to myselfย  i gulped in some drugs of high dose.
Drowsiness slowed me down and I fell back on my bed,
The thought of falling to sleep exciting me… I was finally feeling great.
Cozy and warm I smiled and turned off the lights for ever,
“Goodbye” I mummered to myself and slept in to wake up never.



21 thoughts on “Bliss

        I don’t do this review thing but yes those who are Marvel lovers, they will definitely love this movie! It was a whole new show! It was smashing to watch Iron Man and Captain America fighting each other. My crush….. My hero ‘Vision’ is seen being a bit affectionate towards Wanda and the Winter Shoulder is seen with an entirely new perspective.
        Shield is no more left as a private organization and the Avengers were to sign a merger according to which they would be working under the UN and would take actions only when permitted. Their decision making ability was to be snatched off.
        Captain America disliked it and refused to sign it. On the other hand, Stark, Romanoff, Vision and Wanda approves it.
        And then begins the Civil War among the Avengers!
        The movie got Vision, Iron Man, Romanoff, Wanda, Clint, Captain America, Antman, Black Panther, Spiderman, Rhodes and Falcon served hot.
        The Iron Man team and the Captain America teams blows our head with their action packed performance.
        Spiderman steals the show with his innocent commentary and his actions. His entry in the “Civil War” made the viewers go crazy in the multiplex!
        The movie ends with the Avengers going apart and “Wait” in our heart for the next Marvel Story.

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      2. Great review. You finally did that. Congratulations. Now how about posting this as a separate post with a bit more detail and your opinion on what the movie showed and how successfully you think they did it?
        You’d be surprised to know how many bloggers have *only* movie review blogs!
        Go girl! You rock!

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