I needed a break… Something to perk me up…
Or maybe some good time alone was all I had been asking for.
I locked my room and walked out…
Brought Ticket for a Marvel’s movie without any doubt.
They have always been my favourite… Tony Stark and his cars,
Oops!  Okay I love all of them equally but Vision   be my star.
I watched it alone as I wanted to enjoy it all by myself… With no voice no noise no muttering in between,
To no face similar I wanted to be seen. 
Accompanied by cheese popcorn and coke…i shared the wow moments with myself,
After days of agony… True and complete bliss I felt.
The weather was equally enticing, dark clouds towering, cool breeze on its way,
With my favourite thunderstorm on play, I chose to walk back home today.
Nature poured down on me… Washing away my pains,
Baptising me with a new skin, the rotten one melting down in rain.
I dried myself and made a strong cup of coffee to warm me,
With some delicious Oreos along I sipped in the goodness of it.
I watched my favourite movies and at night ate my favourite dish..
In the past few days I had done all that I had in my ‘Things to do list’.
Old times flashbacked while the cool breeze peeped in through the windows…
After a yummy brownie dessert treat to myself  i gulped in some drugs of high dose.
Drowsiness slowed me down and I fell back on my bed,
The thought of falling to sleep exciting me… I was finally feeling great.
Cozy and warm I smiled and turned off the lights for ever,
“Goodbye” I mummered to myself and slept in to wake up never.



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