Brooding over a cup of coffee ☕

There were couples all around –
Cuddling and sharing love…
Walking past  them I looked for the corner most bench and as I found one I settled down.
I smiled as I looked around. 
I missed him.
But with a fantasy novel (as I stopped reading romantic stuffs) resting on my lap, a cappuccino to warm me and my readers pinging me up on my blog….I smiled and got lost in my world. The world where I and his thoughts exist.


13 responses to “Brooding over a cup of coffee ☕

  1. Even i stopped reading romantic stuff,though love stories were always at the top of my book shelf,but no more.
    I can relate.
    Just keep smiling, no matter how much you miss him,keep moving forward.Things will fall into place and those sad thoughts will subside one day.😘

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