It seems a lot more easy to say “I am good” when asked “How are you? ”  than trying to explain the person your forlorn saga.


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  1. A friend of mine once said, “Showing your tears to the world makes no good. They just get another reason to laugh behind your back.” While that’s true to a good extent, internalising pain and tears never works. You need to let-off some steam and pain. Find a way that best suits you and go about doing that with religious fervour.
    All the best.

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    1. Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey, Pooh…and Eeyore. I love cartoon and so the list is actually endless but surely Eeyore
      owns a special place in my heart.

      What’s your favourite and why did u pop up this question all of a sudden?

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      1. Not sure why did I happen to think of Uncle Scroodge saying Hello Kids, after reading your post so I asked. Donald and Goofy are my favourites. Do you still watch any? I do, whenever I get a chance.


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