The untamed fall

The water kept dripping and dripping down the tap,
She tried to constrain it but in return it snapped.
It wanted to flow free bringing it out to light,
But afraid of the interrogations, she took up the fight.

The water was turning venomous locked in the tank,
And she kept the tap lock checked,  even though in return she sank.
The water suffocating within wanted to flow untamed,
But she didn’t turn the tap on,  she didn’t let it drain.

And every drop of water revolted…
They explained to her their frustration and their need to be unbolted .
She silently listened…. Surrendering to them…
And they dripped and dripped and flowed out untamed.

The water was not just water,  it was her tears,
The tap not tap but her eyes filled with fear.
The tank was not tank but her assaulted heart,
The she was not she…it was Me fallen apart.



38 responses to “The untamed fall

  1. So as life passes by it required to be tamed.
    Tears, Heart, and all concerned to it shall be accustomed to it.
    Whatever the Fall shalt not much hurt.
    Pain shall be there, it may not require any medicine.
    It shall heal on its own.
    Clever are YOU my Dear!
    Where comes the Idiot?

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