Muted Shouts

She kept sobbing and penning down her sadness on her blog,
A hole in her chest she felt,  her feelings clogged.
She kept writing her emotions hoping for a miracle to happen,
But neither did he bother,  not did her pain dampen.

She was lost in words,  at times clueless of what to type,
No word to jot down her locked in tears, no tissue was left for her tears to wipe.
She felt her nerves bursting out,
Lifeless she lived in the state of drought…

She remembered her sketched future with him,
Happiness imagined,  woven dreams.
But he never dreamt of what she thought of,
He had different plans,  all that he said were bluffs.

Yet another day has passed,
Night spent in tears, her situation aghast.
Her music player remains untouched, no relishment she allows…
Drowned in darkness she keeps away from the crowd.

Not a day is spent without his thoughts in her mind,
She dreams of him… Some good while some of the unwanted kind.
She wake up in tears, her heart feels ripped out,
“He left me” – words echoing and her soul letting out muted shouts.



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