Tears and burns

It makes no sense, but i still cry for you every night…
Darkness seems soothing, far better than the light.
Your absence tearing my world apart,
No way i can move on leaving behind your memories, no reason to restart.

Life is a blank photo frame without you,
Dark and hallow, coloured with black gray and blue.
Every moment spent together pricking my brain,
Burning me alive and no one except me shall understand the pain….

You are breaking me every second and minute,
Haunting me are the the plans we made, the idea of our love so infinite.
Dream turning into nightmares,
Smiles drowning… Messed up is my existence without your care.

You believe life goes on,
But i am becoming more a monster disappearing the dawns…
Choosing death upon life,
Roses left behind, my trembling hands searching for a knife.

Left alone to myself i am dying for your arms around me,
Waiting hopelessly for your return, still waiting for the gone days… fallen to my knees.
Cries out my heart… hoping for you to listen,
Prays my soul desperately to the lord every night, praying for you to return.


29 responses to “Tears and burns

  1. It takes a brave heart and focused mind to make the ends meet. It can be done by accepting things about which you cannot do anything, executing things which you can do something about and being persistent until it is all done.

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  2. And on and on she went,
    Until there was nothing more to vent.

    She kissed away the ashes of her despair,
    Left the pain behind to live with joy and flair.
    Heartfelt post. Happy blogging. πŸ™‚

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