The cursed soul

Every curse is a boon…
My journey of 19 years has been quite chaotic.
Disappiontments and pain accompanying me all along. I have always been misunderstood and considered wrong. Family, friends… Every single person betrayed. Love never favoured. Friends back stabbed and people critisied and gossiped shits about me. Its hard to explain. I can write a book on my life and name it “the cursed soul” Seriously, it will be a bestseller! I can smell it… But i am too lazy to write so much. 😝😡

I have always been the girl on the top. Be that studies or any work i do. And that’s actually because i work hard. But whenever it comes to luck, i am knocked down by fate. I prepare for the worst that’s why i conquer without any inference of fate, and this trick saves me.
My flamboyant personality helps me get along with things. Or i must say… that’s only when it comes to work. 
Fate cursed me. I think so. But i dont take it negatively all the time. All that happens moulds me into a stronger Me. I call myself a cursed soul and its not because i feel doomed or something. It reminds me of what all i faced and makes me feel stronger.
Yes! That’s my strategy to win the game of life. To fight the uncertainties of fate.



21 responses to “The cursed soul

  1. Hahaha. It’s post was quite interesting.. Well! The fact is u can’t be a cure soul….or do you…. Seriously!!….well! In my opinion ur the the most luckiest person in the world who could conquer any problems…. We all have problems but there are few who could express them in words…. My lucky frm or I guess “Lucky bird” hahaha😝

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  2. It’s appreciable that you conquer your problems with such optimism. But don’t think like that everyone hate you and back stabs you. May be you have seen bad phases of your life but this world is full of both good and bad people and life will bring you those angels too and shower happiness in your life. Just have faith. πŸ™‚

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