The snapshots of us are still saved in my gallery…
Our moments pricking my loneliness…my vision gets blurry.
Silence has been a part of my life ever since you left,
Emptiness engulfing me, depression taking its dept.
Every thing seems attached…so damn related to you…
Tears pouring out, reminding me of you.

With every hour I am freaking out, tears accompanying my wobbly lips,
Pain and trauma bleeding out of me with every shared glimpse.
I feel like ending my life… destroying my cursed soul…
Excruciating is love without you in it, in my heart I feel a hole.
Hopes, dreams and my feelings… every inch of me trodden by your departure,
Your memories haunting me…breathing without you is torture.

My thoughts are burning me alive,
Impossible it is for me to thrive…
Kill me oh lord! I pray you, please set me free…
Or take away the memories I own,
Wash away those days…
Erase every dream I had seen.



4 responses to “Emptiness

  1. The reality… loved it, too much to relate with every line and the emotions therein.. But still no answer is attached to such pain apart from doubt and over thinking that burst our veins and stops the blood circulation….
    Oh lord , pls set me free!!
    Thank you to share this .
    Thank you , it means a lot !! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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