The End

The last breeze of the Spring blowed yesterday..
The winter’s descending…blinding the  rays.
The flowers are dead… the season of love is over,
The glitters of the sky …its all gone now…the forlorn clouds tookover.

The greens have turned brown,
The little creatures have drowned…
Darkness have killed the fairies of love,
The hopes have diminished, the dreams are gloved.

The colours have faded, my skin is pale and cold…
He left me alone, I am trembling without his hold.
He was all I had…my love, my world, all my vibes…
He left me for some space alone, he left me for his own life.

The darkness is mocking, oh yes, love couldn’t overpower hate,
A cursed soul: I always called myself, the curse took it’s complete state.
I have nothing left in me now, An empty shell u can say…
The tears blurring the view, days are back to gray.

The winter is here… along the dreadful winds and rains,
Alone on the cold ground I lay, shivering, panting, crying in pain.
The Beginning was a lie..a lie wrapped in red,
He left behind The End of all, he left me shattered and dead.



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