I Wish!

I wish the smell of you never leave my skin,
I wish u forever be the cause of my stupid grin.
I wish my hands never stop caressing your neck…
I wish we cling on forever without any creak.
I wish your thoughts never escape my mind,
I wish to chant your name with holiness, and you be my shrine.
I wish my lips never part from yours…
You r the one for me, my morphine…my cure.

I wish our hugs last longer than ever,
I wish complications be a part of us never.
I am ready to fall so that u dust me up,
Divine is to watch your eyes glittering with concern and love.
I wish to cook for you and feed you every time,
Keep you away from every nuisance and crime.
I wish to be a reason behind your laughter and smile,
I wish to see you waiting for me at the end of the aisle.
I wish to wake up to your face beside mine,
Ur morning kisses to light me up before the sunshine.

Every night I wish to welcome u home with a smile,
Kiss away your tensions, erase away the riles.
I wish to be the only one to turn you on,
Stay up loving each other till the dawn.
I wish to be with you for the rest of my life,
Protected in your arms, I wish to take my last breath as your wife.


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