The Beginning

The winter melted away with the blowing breeze of the Spring,
Million Stars dusted all over the clear sky in a bling.
The pricky thorns blunted by the touch of the fairies of love,
Sparkling water reflecting the sunshine I was void of.
The grasses now green with beautiful little flowers blooming out,
The birds, butterflies and tiny creatures flying so proud.
I smiled as the sunshine touched my skin,
I giggled as I lay in peace on the lushy greens.
The winter was over and so was my wait,
Love was overpowering the sparks of hate.
The wind so cool, so refreshing and clean,
Caressing my soul, fanning away the forlorn days I have have seen.
I closed my eyes and I saw a dream,
He was sitting beside me with his majestic gleam.
I fluttered my eyelids open, I could feel his warmth in real,
He embraced me and kissed my soul, I was home, I was home after years.

Riju Nath or shall I say David Reez,
Baby if you are reading this, I just want you to know that I write what I feel and definitely I love you. I really do. Never did I thought I would fall in love again but it certainly happened.
Never did I thought you would be mine. Your composition is so rare and I am glad to be called yours. I don’t know what future holds, but I want you to know that u have been engraved in my heart and my love for you will always stay alive in me. No matter what happens.


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16 responses to “The Beginning

  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I truly hope you will take a few minutes to go over it and let me know if you would like to participate. I look forward to hearing from you! Such beautiful poetry deserves recognition.

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