DPS Days

That canteen crowd, we crawling through them,
Getting caught in the assembly was never a shame.
Those political science lessons – Very alien to us,
And economics Gosh! It always raped us.

Class hour treats and late night gossips,
No study at all… just wai wai and chips…
When caught red handed, we together got punished,
Brought gadgets to school daily, but never it got ceased.

The out pass drama and the short lunch break,
Will miss the samosa, dosa and those little litchi shakes.
The famous washroom of our block where hundreds of photos we clicked,
Every moment spent together I am desperately gonna miss.

Uncountable heads and not knowing half of them,
Its DPS after all, we can’t be blamed.
Getting “the naughtiest kid” tag – a pride for all,
Dirty, hilarious gossips in class and the exclusive DPS trolls!

End of school life… a strange feeling it is,
No more of school bus, being a dipsite bliss.
Passel of memories to remember and miss,
“Golden are school days” – Today I perceive.


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