“I want to fight with u while listening to ur breaths with my arms around u.”

I want to fight with you, get on the verge of killing u, but still keep u tied up to me, close to me forever. Yes, even after death I won’t let u flirt with the angels around.
Even when terrible mood swings attack me and I speak rubbish and fight with u for no valid reason… I still wanna keep u close. No matter what, even if things go wrong, I still dont want to let u go. Never.
You are my sunshine. At times u burn me but nevermind, I got myself stocks of sunscreen! I still won’t free you.
U r damn irritating at times, u get on my nerves! But u know what…?
Whenever your name pops in my inbox, every other name fades, All of their display name looks so dull beside yours.
A day without your message and the volcano of anger inside me takes a very ugly active face! I burst out and feel like melting u to death with the lava of anger that flow. But don’t worry, I won’t let u die. I cannot let u die, just cannot.
All of these jumbled up emotions… I hate it. I hate u. I hate the effect u have on me!
I know I have written enough already and u r bored as fuck but listen… dare you ignore me ever. I maybe crazy complicated and very annoying, but one thing that u should know is that… You r my Batman. And dare u escape from me! I will be left to darkness if u do. Please don’t leave me.

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