False Hope

Its our first date and quite nervous I am,
Covered in simplicity I wait for the follower of glam.
Quaking fingers taking care of my hair,
Last look through the mirror, and he is almost here.
As my eyes fall on his folded sleeves, perfect shoes  and well kept beard…
My heart starts beating faintly with every step he comes near.
The curve of his smile sets my soul on fire,
Spellbound I stand, as every little bit of him I admire.
Drinking in his persona, I stare at him without a blink,
Wondering if its another daydream of mine, with his glowing beauty I sink.
Why shall he want me in his life?
While the girls around are with better face, waist and thighs…
With unbaked thoughts, insecurity and fear,
I keep my eyes down and the smile from my face disappears.
The dinner date ends with silence from my side,
I deny his roses and his proposal for a ride.
“Impossible a guy like him can fall for a girl like me!”
I m an ugly chubby complicated moody bitch indeed!
With firm conviction I walk alone without a bye,
“He is just a false hope.” I mutter and let out a muffled cry.


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