The Happiness Vendor

I am a Mickey Mouse in a park from 9 to 5,
The  most enchanting character of all the time.
With beautiful big ears and a satin red bow,
With custom made atires for every magical hours to show.
Kids, couples and oldies… I click photographs with all,
Roaming around…I dance a little and hop along.
Flawless I m, With glowing rozy cheeks,
Every human adore me, its for me they seek.
I am a happiness vendor, I sell hugs and smiles,
Sealing in my troubles, jubilation I dial.

But as the sun goes down, I  become a wrinkled man in pain,
With a led down head I walk down the lane.
A single knock on the crumbled wooden door of my hut,
And my wrinkled wife welcomes me with a kiss and a hug.
She let’s me eat the fruits and the precious boiled eggs,
And keeps for herself water and some chunks of stale bread.

Every night I sleep, with a promise to show her better days,
But with morning come sorrows and the promises fade.
We miss our son, in the Arabs he stay,
Happy and prosperous, upon gold and silver he lays.
We wait for his call, for him to return…
Never mind cause he is happy and that’s all we want.
Again I dress up,  all set for the day…
“A Happiness Vendor” to me they say.


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