Cupcake Sugary Romance!

They are the couple goals we long for…
The picture perfect moments for which we carve.
Delicious are their every move,
For each other they drool.

They are crazy in love,
Their relationship iced with romanticism and lust.
Their fingers knotting them into one,
With every touch they shimmer and blush.

They are the true reflection of the cupcake sugary romance we talk about,
The couple lost in their hearts, the ones who need no shout out.
Complete and safe they feel in each other’s arms,
Glowing bright in love,Β  in their attraction’s warmth.

A perfect Bollywood movie with every sweet and sour drama you talk about,
Balanced areΒ  their actions, dipped hopelessly in the savory romantic sauce.
She is the entire universe for him… She is his only home,
She worships him as God, her dumping site for emotions, her comfort zone.

Their bodies clinging on to each other…savouring every moment of love,
With pleasure soaring higher, flying like the doves.
They are composed of infinity, togetherness and love,
With fired up emotions, their kisses talk of lust.



6 responses to “Cupcake Sugary Romance!

  1. So much sweetness, it makes you wanna vomit up your cheerios! πŸ˜€ lol… (Kidding. I have no current romance to vomit over anyway lol.) Good words, though!

    Liked by 1 person

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