I wanted wonders on me… but then thought of first freeing myself from the taboo set by my family with a flight high above.


Why do we have restrictions on us?
Why can’t we live our lives freely? Why do we have to fear the disclosure of our real selves…?
Why do we have to think twice before listening to the dreams that we have kept locked in the cage of our heart?
Why listen to the people and die with regret?
Why to die with locked in dreams and the forlorn tears it conceals?


24 thoughts on “Inked!

      1. You are correct….
        However, I was talking about the fear that lies within us!!

        Here are two walls I guess that needs to be broken…
        One, what people normally gender policing!! Including our loved ones..

        Second, the one which we have created for ourselves…

        We just need to do one thing behind every quest….be it work, ambitions, relationship..etc.. and that is to ask WHY BEHIND EVERY ACTION OF OURS, AND EVERY CRITICISM THAT WE FACE !!

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