Casteism and Brahmins!

Indian society is the best example of mockery!
We aim to diminish every pinch of casteism from our lives but won’t perform a single religious ritual without a Brahmin!
What do they know that we don’t?
Mantras are very much available in various translation these days.
And who said they will perform rituals for our good wishes with their earnest faith…
After all…they do charge us for it…don’t they? Aren’t they always in a hurry cause they got “SEVERAL CUSTOMERS” waiting for them? Don’t u ever notice it??

Now still if we think we are modern,
We are locked in the maze forever then.

The worst part is that the point that I m talking about is the weakest nerve of our society and standing against it is like a sin to the people! My mother is included too.
I don’t think any change regarding this will ever occur… but why not give a  thought to it? Why not think from a different perspective?
Quite a rebellious thought it is…
Many of my brahmin friends even disagreed… the most funniest part being that they hate casteism but dont wanna hear  a thing against Brahmins! Lol. What people!


8 responses to “Casteism and Brahmins!

  1. Nice thoughts, very right arguments put forth. There’s a difference between Brahmins and Karma-Kandi Pandit. A person who can perform rituals following all the rules laid is a Karma-Kandi Pandit, not necessary he has to be Brahmin. Please search and read more about this, you’ll get the answers.

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  2. You may need a priest for mantras or rituals as per the customs. Veda is open in this regard. Nowadays, in some places non-brahmins are also inducted as priests and even women in some places. Priesthood is profession, a livelihood. Like any other profession, priesthood needs practice to achieve near perfection…it cannot be by just birth. Anyway, faith is all important. Meerabai had direct connection with the God and she wasn’t a Brahmin nor did she need a priest.

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    • I know it’s a profession… but being over dependent on them is not necessary.
      And I m not mentioning about priests here. What I want to speak about is that we claim to avoid casteism but then also proudly mention if we are Brahmins.
      Why? Brahmin is also a part of casteism…. now if we are living in the caste free society then why do we have to give Brahmins the most superior place? Religion and faith comes from inside us. We necessarily don’t need a priest or a “Brahmin” to pray for us.
      But as I mentioned, it’s a revolting thought and it may ignite a lot of people.
      I personally don’t accept this and believe that faith come from inside and my first religion is humanity.

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