The Ugly Side Of Memories

Memories are said to bring smiles when remembered,
A mixture of emotions when cherished together.
In a gossip or solitude – whatever maybe…
It brings happiness in mind and peace inside.

But what’s unknown to many –
Is the stinging side of memories…
Bringing more distaste than smiles,
Of how it leaves you numb and alone to cry.

Along it brings a tide of tears,
Longings bursting out, emptiness scares.
Frightening nights and saddening flashbacks,
The past haunting, the gone days we lack.

We feel desolated and suppressed,
The poison suffuses inside.
Fragmenting us apart,
Choking our hearts.

We burn in the rain…
Feel the same old ache again…
We lock ourselves, hide in the dark,
No way out of it…no time machine, no spark.


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