The buried seduction

Burgers fries cakes and shakes… all the wonderful delicacies were in front of me. My empty stomach and bursting out wallet…all I had to do was to raise my voice. Then I could sip in my Brownie blast krusher… take a bite of my favorite double cheese chicken sandwich…and smile at  the world passing by.  I was starving! My maw was pushing me towards it..nagging me for at least some choco chip cookies.
The temptation was suffusing in…my soul drooling for some good time alone.
But the flashlight of the cameras outside the glass was equally enticing!
The focus on me was distracting. It was keeping me away from myself…as always!
I couldn’t stand it… I ordered myself a cheese sandwich. My secretary gave me her usual cold stare. She was annoyed. I made her a puppy face in return and waited for the wonder to arrive my table.
The smell finally grasped me. It was inches away from me. I brought it close to my red lips and  let the smell travel deep inside me…it was so close.
As I squeezed the corner of it, the extra melting cheese fell on my slash. My secretary jumped to her feet. She rushed towards me and took care of it.
Yes…the crown and the slash I earned today is way too precious. The sight of her and the slash reminded me of the last 15 years of sweat. Those huge garments and that bed… those pranks…those laughs…that “fatso” name. The way every guy used to ignore me…the way my friends used to make fun of my calories…
I couldn’t dare to look back. She was right. Being the calender girl was just the beginning. I put the sandwich back to the plate and with guards circling me I got back to my car. I had to go home and get ready for my next shoot. I couldn’t let people stare me the way they used to. The lust in their body for me is better than the past I owned.


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