The Innocent Deal

Where are you mother? My baby sister is crying for you…
She is hungry I suppose, but how to feed her? I got no clue.
You never taught me to control, thus things are so messed up and undone,
After singing us to sleep last night, where did u run?

We are missing you mother, we are so hungry and tired!
We had no one except you and now we are left alone to the riot.
We can’t even cook ourselves, how will we survive without you?
Sister is crying for food, how will she grow without you?

I tried begging mother, but not a penny I came across,
But then an uncle cuddled and kissed and granted me some golden coins in a box.
Though I didn’t like it, but he did get our tummy filled,
I will wait for him tomorrow again… for more coins and better deals.

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