Someday they will!

Appreciation helps in the growth of things that are constantly being attacked by the pests of failure and criticism.
Learn to appreciate, motivate rather than laughing and gossiping about the fall.

Work hard today and someday u will succeed…someday they will notice and will want you to talk to them…the ones who once didn’t bother about you.

Maybe not today… not tomorrow…
but someday people will notice you.
That someday they will smile at you.
They will observe you, talk to you, appreciate you.
But for that someday… immense hardwork you need…
Countless sweats, dark circled eyes and your focus on the best!
That someday they will clap…appraise your success.
But trust me, you wont be standing there to hear what they say. You will rather walk to the person who clapped for you and stood there with you all along the way.


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