My lost childhood

Exploring and playing with tender little feet,
Far away from the dark clouds, from the tangles of greed.
Wearing the red cape… I really felt like Superman,
With my bright red cape flying behind, the top secret was the fan.

Hoping around in excitment… chasing the thunders in storm,
The limit was the terrace and then back to my window and pop corn.
My adventurous naughty mind, it always longed for more,
Topped with innocence and craziness to the core.

My favorite scooby noddy Oswald! Mickey spongebob and Pooh,
My dear mummy pretending to be scared every time I shouted “boo”.
Running madly to papa, the super hero of my life,
I m still his only ‘maa’, pampered like the queen of the hive.

My didbhai’s belongings used to astonish me every time,
And each time I explored, I found something new and bright.
Her collection of lavish watches are still my favourite,
watching her work on her projects- I so loved it.

Those long relaxing vacations and super exciting trips,
Long drives and little treats in the rain- oh! What you bliss!
Harry Potter’s Hogward- my all time favourite wonderland,
The divine “Hershey’s” for me was the best dark chocolate brand.

Momo and wai wai – the best part of school canteen,
Eating in the class, waiting eagerly for the bell to ring.
Friends and craziness- the two best part of school,
Always active and popular, everywhere we ruled.

School, friends, hangouts – my childhood I miss,
Playground, cartoons, mummy’s tender kiss.
So hard it is to be a grown up…things are harsh and rude…
I wish I could go back in time and stay forever in my childhood.


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